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Where to stay in Vienna?
Vienna is a charming and welcoming city with a variety of accommodation options available. Imagine having the freedom to have your own space not only for sleeping, but also for working, playing and cooking, while in Vienna, - consider renting an apartments in Vienna instead of a hotel room!
By going with short term rentals in Vienna, you get a completely autonomous home with all the comforts and advantages of independent living for a fraction of hotel prices.
In your rental apartment in Vienna you can cook, make tea or coffee, bring in alcohol, have guests over, work and rest whenever you like without being bothered. If you are travelling with family or friends, finding accommodation with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms allows you to cut rental costs considerably. Apartments are priced per unit, which makes rentals a great option for money-savvy travellers.
Many available apartments for rent in Vienna are close to the historic Inner City district. It is easy to find the right combination of price, size, amenities and location to suit your individual needs and make your stay most memorable. Sweet Home Abroad also offers apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America.
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Café Central

Café Central is one of the most famous cafés in Vienna, truly antique and with an old-fashioned spirit that was affected only in the slightest after the café went through a complete restoration and renovation in recent years. At its prime years, which fell on years before the World War I, Cenral was a wildly popular place for literary men to linger: this is where they ate, had their coffee, and discussed current affairs. Even mail was delivered to some of them here!

Discussing politics was a favourite pastime of patrons – a fact that became notorious in Vienna, to the extent that when on October 1917 the foreign secretary of Austria received a report on starting Russian Revolution, he dismissed it, sarcastically asking if the revolution was to be lead by “Herr Bronstein from the Café Central”. Ironically, Herr Bronstein – a local Marxist, a very literate man and an avid chess-player, whom everybody regarded as harmless – soon stopped coming to Central only to resurface later in Russia under the name of Leon Trotsky. Not surprisingly, the remark of the Austrian minister became famous after the incident.

Coffee in the café is overpriced, but of excellent quality and is served with a tiny chocolate biscuit. Lingering over one cup for a couple of hours is completely normal and is never frowned upon in Vienna, so feel free to savour the taste and save some money. However, desserts here are quite remarkable.

Herrengasse 14, 1st District // Phone: 533-3763-26

Apartments in Vienna near Café Central, in the centre of Vienna, for vacations and short-term stays.

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