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Where to stay in Vienna?
Vienna is a charming and welcoming city with a variety of accommodation options available. Imagine having the freedom to have your own space not only for sleeping, but also for working, playing and cooking, while in Vienna, - consider renting an apartments in Vienna instead of a hotel room!
By going with short term rentals in Vienna, you get a completely autonomous home with all the comforts and advantages of independent living for a fraction of hotel prices.
In your rental apartment in Vienna you can cook, make tea or coffee, bring in alcohol, have guests over, work and rest whenever you like without being bothered. If you are travelling with family or friends, finding accommodation with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms allows you to cut rental costs considerably. Apartments are priced per unit, which makes rentals a great option for money-savvy travellers.
Many available apartments for rent in Vienna are close to the historic Inner City district. It is easy to find the right combination of price, size, amenities and location to suit your individual needs and make your stay most memorable. Sweet Home Abroad also offers apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America.
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St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, or Stephansdom, is the central landmark of Vienna, both literally and figuratively. It is much beloved by the Viennese and is truly an awe-inspiring masterpiece. It is located in the heart of the city, where the most prestigious quarters and apartments in Vienna can also be found.

At the initial stages of its existence (it was build in 1144) the Stephansdom had stood outside the city boundaries and had been ready to be completed with matching spires over 135 meters tall. The Catholic Church, however, was unable to see the project to its end financially. The only finished tower Stephansdom possesses today is its south tower that gives the cathedral its asymmetrical and readily identifiable look. There are also lower bell towers, and you can climb one of them all the way up or simply pay for a ride in a tiny elevator: the magnificent bird-eye view of Vienna is worth the effort or the money. Like many other European churches, the Stephansdom did not make it to the end of the World War II unharmed, but reconstruction worked its magic – now only minor repairs require covering the breathtaking architecture with scaffolds from time to time.

The architectural blend of the cathedral is not quite Viennese, as it mixes Romanesque style with Gothic, while the interior borrows heavily from Baroque. The interior passes on crushing Gothic structure, preferring most remarkable decorative sculpture instead. One especially worthy ensemble can be found around the second pier on the left of the nave: look for the stone pulpit with five sculpted figures carved around the proper. The four of them are the Church Fathers, if exactly, St. Augustine, St. Gregory, St. Jerome, and St. Ambrose. What sets them apart from other sculptures is the distinct personality of each, so readily identifiable thanks to the master’s skill and precision that you can’t help but suspect satire. The fifth figure is a self-portrait: Anton Pilgram portrayed himself peeking out a window - no hint of irony here, just mastery, complimented by delicate ornaments and carved reptiles and other living creatures climbing the pulpit’s stairs.

The catacombs of the cathedral keep the internal organs of Habsburg dynasty. This eerie fact will turn plain bone-chilling when you go down the stairs into the cold underground labyrinth and witness thousands of human bones and skulls belonging to over 11 000 people buried here prior to 1783, when burying within city limits was outlawed. The catacombs can be toured, and these tours are extremely popular despite (or thanks to) their rather macabre atmosphere.

The view of St. Stephen One of the bell towers
The main altar The interior
The famous pulpit The master
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