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Finding a place to stay in Venice
Venice is a tiny city and there is never enough accommodation for every 20 million people visiting this beautiful city every year. Because every room counts, vacation rentals in Venice may prove a good money-saving alternative to traditional hotels.
Rent an apartment in Venice and you get a home with all the comforts and perks of independent living. You can cook, make tea or coffee, bring in alcohol, have guests over, work and rest whenever you like without being bothered. Apartments in Venice provide much more living space than a standard hotel room, and you will feel much more comfortable in a separate bedroom, a living room and with a fully functional kitchen.
If you are travelling with family or friends, renting a 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom vacation rental in Venice allows you to save money. Booking two or three adjacent hotel rooms is a pricey endeavour regardless of the city you want to stay in. Apartment rentals in Venice, however, are usually priced per unit, not per guest, which makes vacation rentals a great option for money-savvy travellers.
Because Venice is so tiny, you will be close to all the attractions and historic sites of the city - guaranteed, regardless of the location you choose for your Venice accommodation. There is a right combination of price, size, amenities and location that will make a perfect Venice vacation home.
Sweet Home Abroad offers apartment and villa vacation rentals all over Europe and North America as well.
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Getting to Venice

By plane: Venice has its own airport named after the most famous salesman and avid traveller. Marco Polo International airport (official abbreviation VCE) is located 10 km (6 miles) away from the city and receives the majority of Venice-bound flights, although charters sometimes land in Treviso - a city 29 km (18 miles) from Venice. From the airport you should head to Piazzale Roma, from where you can make your way to your apartment in Venice. Buses, taxis will get you there on land; waterbuses (vaporetti) and expensive water taxis will provide a much more glorious entrance to the city.

By train: Venezia Santa Lucia is Venice's railway station, close to Piazzale Roma and right on the Grand Canal which proves convenient especially with extensive waterbus (vaporetto) services available to newly arrived visitors. Some trains to Venice only stop at the mainland district of Mestre, which can be confusing, but in any case there is a bus or a waterbus that can take you to the old Venice from there.

By car: Venice does not have roads. The only cars you will see there are parked in the humongous Tronchetto parking lots or at Piazzale Roma, and yours would be no exception. Parking is compulsory! It is also not free: 24 hours will cost you around 25 euros, although discounts are possible for longer periods. There is no other way to make do with a car in Venice: it will be towed away if you leave it anywhere else.

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