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Apartment rentals in Paris
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Apartment rentals in Paris
Short-term apartment rentals in Paris is a great alternative to hotel accommodation: apartments in Paris for short stays (from two days to two weeks) are convenient, reasonably priced, comfortable and accommodate larger parties with ease. Short term rentals in Paris give you more for less! You will not only get a full-size apartment> instead of a small hotel room, but also all the comforts you are used to at home. You will have freedom to move about, eat, have drinks when and where you like, work and relax in comfort.
If you are travelling with family or friends, renting a 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartment allows you to cut rental costs, spend quality time together in privacy of your living room, and cook any meals you like in a fully-equipped kitchen. Sounds better than hanging out in a hotel lobby or bar, doesn't it?
To find your perfect rental in Paris, enter your desired check-in and check-out dates in the search form or simply click on the district of Paris you would like to stay in. If you have a question, please feel free to contact Sweet Home Abroad anytime.
We also offer apartment, cottage and villa rentals all over Europe and North America.
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Long-term apartment rentals in Paris

You have decided to study in Paris; you need to make an extended business trip to the French capital; you are moving to Paris or just want to spend several months living there like a local. Whichever reason drives a traveller's decision to stay in Paris long-term, suitable accommodation in Paris is the first thing that is bound to cross her mind.

Accommodation costs is the primary living expense for locals and visitors of the City of Light alike, and that is why the advantages of long-term apartment rentals are nowhere as apparent as in Paris.

The option of a prolonged hotel stay is best avoided, because you will be expected to pay triple for a very limited living space and all those little extras you end up not using at all. Even for weekly stays and vacations renting an apartment in Paris is a great option, and what more can be said about a long-term stay?

Accommodation options in Paris are numerous, and finding a good apartment for your budget, be it a modest studio on Montmartre or a luxurious penthouse on the Champs-Elysées, is a doable task. Long-term apartment rent in Paris has its peculiarities that depend on the length of your stay:

When renting for 1 to 3 months, the booking is treated the same as the short-term apartment rental: the full cost of accommodation needs to be paid to the owner at the time of check-in; if you want to prolong your stay, it will be treated as a new booking; you are required to have vacation rental insurance, known in France as "Assurance Villégiature", that protects you from financial liability in case of fire, flood or earthquake damages.

Rentals ranging from 3 months to a year require a special type of insurance called "Assurance Multirisques Habitation" that covers the apartment, the belongings of the guest and third-party liability. Whereas the absence of vacation insurance, which is actually compulsory, often gets brushed aside by owners, the all-risk insurance for long-term stays is a very serious matter: the tenant is required to have it on the day of check-in, and its absence can be grounds for denial of accommodation by the owner. Further, if you wish to prolong your stay, just like with a shorter-term rental, you will have to agree on a new contract with the owner. Unless somebody else had booked the apartment, usually you should have no problem staying there longer.

When renting for a year or longer, you have the right to extend the contract, to do which you are required to notify the owner one month prior or earlier. You have to obtain the "Assurance Multirisques Habitation" insurance as well.

Long-term apartment rental in Paris may be either an expensive or a very affordable option, because all 20 districts (arrondissements) of Paris are unique in some ways and have different accommodation rates.

Approximate prices for renting in some of the most popular neighbourhoods of Paris:
Louvre: studio — from 800 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 1300 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 2200 euros/month;
Champs-Elysées: studio — from 800 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 1200 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 2000 euros/month;
Latin Quarter: studio — from 900 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 1250 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 1850 euros/month;
Montmartre: studio — from 700 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 1000 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 1400 euros/month;
Montparnasse: studio — from 750 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 900 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 1700 euros/month;
Опера: studio — from 650 euros/month, 1-bedroom — from 1050 euros/month, 2-bedroom — от 1700 euros/month.

Apartment hunting is most often delegated to registered agencies, whom the owners prefer, because they like serious inquiries, and the guests go to for advance protection against rental scams and general good service. French real estate agencies charge commission from the rental cost; the commission is covered by the tenant.

Usually commission rates run as follows:
rent up to 2 months — 30% of the total rent cost;
2-5 months — 50% of monthly rate;
5-10 months — 75% of monthly rate;
10-12 months — 10% of the total rent cost;
1 year and longer — 10% from the total cost of 1-year rent plus 5% of the cost of all subsequent months.

Monthly rental rates almost never include utilities, especially not electricity, and every month the tenant is charged the cost according to her usage. Water and gas, Internet access may or may not be included. All related costs that are the responsibility of the tenant have to be included in the rental contract. It is highly recommended that you read it carefully before signing to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Despite extra costs that are required when you are looking to rent an apartment in Paris long-term, it is still a great option that will save you money in the long run and allow you to have the most memorable time in Paris.

To see the list of all available apartments for rent in a certain district of Paris, use the interactive map of the city on this page.

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