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Vacation rentals in Milan, Italy
Milan is a popular destination for fashionistas and lovers of Italian history and architecture. Milan offers plenty of quality accommodation no matter the goal of your trip. Prices fluctuate and rise considerably during popular fairs, Fashion weeks and in summer. Apartment rentals in Milan come in handy at such a time, since they are in general more affordable, more comfortable, and allow you way more independence.
When you consider choosing an apartment for rent in Milan, you are choosing a full-fledged home that will include a separate bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and most importantly a fully-functional kitchen. You will also get stable and free internet access and round-the-clock tranquility. You will be able to invite people over and live by your own schedule, absolutely independently.
If you are travelling with companions, vacation rentals in Milan are a perfect choice. A two- or three-bedroom apartment will help you save money, because apartments for rent in Milan are priced per unit, not per guest. Staying in Milan apartment rentals will provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time together and stay in whenever you like, instead of just using your room to sleep.
Sweet Home Abroad also offers apartment and villa vacation rentals in Europe and North America.
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Conventions in Milan

Milan, one of the major business centres of Europe and the definite world capital of fashion, holds several important annual conventions, fairs and exhibitions. Here are just some of them.

The diving convention Eudishow celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012 and is completely devoted to the exploration of the underwater world. Italy is one of the world leaders in production of diving equipment, which becomes quickly apparent at Eudishow-2012. Meetings of diving schools, workshops and lectures for professionals and amateur divers are planned during the convention.

The international tourist exchange, BIT, is a gathering of travel and tourism professionals from all over the world, with the number of participants increasing every year. Presentations, discussions, seminars on the most pressing topics in the sphere of tourism are held for all interested parties. Vendors at BIT also market active travel, sports and travel gear.

MICAM is an international footwear exhibition, usually held in conjunction with the International Leather Products exhibition, MIPEL. Visitors of both conventions enjoy boutique fashion shows, lectures, workshops and award ceremonies in many spheres of shoe-making.

The international fair of fur and leather, Mifur, attracts vendors and visitors from all over Europe.

Animation, comics and video games are the central theme of the CARTOOMICS convention, attracting company representatives of all related spheres of business: animation, video recording and motion capture, fan merchandise. At visitors' service are vendor booths, printed materials, presentations.

The largest and most popular fair of Milan is, undoubtedly, the annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile, an international furniture fair, equivalent in its magnitude only to the Milan Fashion Week. Producers, designers, vendors from Europe and beyond gather to set trends, to network, strike business deals. Various sections of the furniture fair include showrooms of bedrooms, beds, wardrobes, dining sets, living room furniture, furniture for children and teens, computer tables, desks and many more. Salone Internazionale del Mobile is usually split into two themes - Classico and Moderno, and there is an additional Design section devoted specifically to the conceptual and avantgarde furniture.

With such abundance of fairs and conventions in Milan, for business professionals and independent visitors alike, it is very important to find good-quality accommodation in Milan that would allow you to use all the time you have to attend as many events as you need without wasting hours on commuting. Apartment rentals in Milan for the duration of Milan fairs is increasingly becoming even more popular than hotel bookings. You can read more about the advantages of apartment rentals in Milan here.

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