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Vacation rentals in Milan, Italy
Milan is a popular destination for fashionistas and lovers of Italian history and architecture. Milan offers plenty of quality accommodation no matter the goal of your trip. Prices fluctuate and rise considerably during popular fairs, Fashion weeks and in summer. Apartment rentals in Milan come in handy at such a time, since they are in general more affordable, more comfortable, and allow you way more independence.
When you consider choosing an apartment for rent in Milan, you are choosing a full-fledged home that will include a separate bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and most importantly a fully-functional kitchen. You will also get stable and free internet access and round-the-clock tranquility. You will be able to invite people over and live by your own schedule, absolutely independently.
If you are travelling with companions, vacation rentals in Milan are a perfect choice. A two- or three-bedroom apartment will help you save money, because apartments for rent in Milan are priced per unit, not per guest. Staying in Milan apartment rentals will provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time together and stay in whenever you like, instead of just using your room to sleep.
Sweet Home Abroad also offers apartment and villa vacation rentals in Europe and North America.
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Zones of Milan

Starting from 1999, Milan is divided into 9 zones as opposed to the previous division into 20 zones. The zones (le zone) are numbered from 1 to 9, and the numbering starts with the historical and geographical center of the city of Milan. Il Centro is a relatively small area, only about 10 square kilometres in total, where all the most famous attractions, sights, and prestigious apartments in Milan can be found. The Duomo cathedral, or Duomo di Milano, the piazza Duomo, La Scala opera theater, the tower Velasca, the basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, the Pinacoteca di Brera (the Brera Art Gallery) are the most visited sites in the city. In the western part of the first zone stands the Dominican convent of Milan and its principal church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, famous for the Leonardo da Vinci's mural of the Last Supper.

From the first zone on the numeration continues clockwise. The second zone is notable for the Pirelli skyscraper, the tallest structure in Milan: the height of this 31-story building reaches 127 meters.

The third zone lies to the north-east of the center, and one of the neighbourhoods of the area is called Città Studi (“the city of learning”). This is where the university campus of the largest technical university in Italy, the Politecnico di Milano University, is located.

The fourth and the sixth zones border with the center of the city from the south-east and south-west respectively. They are mostly comprised of residential areas and webs of streets and side-streets. Commercial lots and rail lines cleave through the periphery of the fourth zone. The fifth zone in the southern part of Milan is famous for the Bocconi University (UniversitГ  Commerciale Luigi Bocconi).

The seventh zone is the vastest in the city, covering the area of about 30 square kilometers. The Trenno park (Parco di Trenno), one of the biggest and greenest in Milan, can be found here, along with the soccer stadium of FC Milan and FC Internazionale – the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, most commonly called San Siro (after the neighbourhood in which it stands).

The eighth and ninth zones of Milan lie to the north-west of the historical center and are mostly residential, just like the fourth and sixth zones are. Close to the border of the city in the ninth zone lies the Northern park (Parco Nord). With its square area reaching 600 hectares, the park is possibly the largest in Milan.

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