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Accommodation in Lisbon
Lisbon is a charming city that you don't have to spend a pretty penny on visiting. It is gorgeous, full of life and offers plenty of accommodation options for very reasonable prices year-round, even during the high season. Why be constrained by a standard hotel room in the touristy centre of the city, no matter how iconic, when you can pick and choose a quaint apartment in any part of Lisbon that is most suited to your chosen activities?
You can rent a studio in Lisbon, if you are travelling solo or with one companion, which will supply the much needed comfortable bed, but will also offer a fully equipped kitchen and a sitting area that many hotels will not have. Wireless Internet is also free in most cases, so you can check up museum opening times and make restaurant reservations without paying a lot for an essential service.
More than two of you? Renting a larger apartment in Lisbon is ideal for groups of travellers for several reasons, one of them being that you will save even more when your party splits the cost of one spacious rental apartment in Lisbon. Furthermore, you will have a living room to spend quality time together, complete with a TV and a DVD player, wireless Internet and a dining table. This is like having your own private reception area or a hotel bar, only without the alcohol markup. Also, each apartment will have one or two separate bedrooms, so when you need privacy, you will have it.
Rent a studio in Alfama, choose an apartment in Baixa Chiado, opt to stay in Bairro Alto or by the Tagus river... Accommodation options in Lisbon are practically endless, just like the flow of good port! Sweet Home Abroad also offers apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America.
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Apartments and villas for rent in Lisbon

Rentfordays T1
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
65 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 4 guests
Bairro Alto
I Love Lisbon
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
35 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 2 guests
Bairro Alto
City Stories 2
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
65 mВІ / 2 bedroom(s) / 7 guests
Tagus 3
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
28 mВІ / studio / 2 guests
Tagus 2
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
25 mВІ / studio / 2 guests
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
57 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 5 guests

Total apartments or villas available: 13

Lisbon, the city of cobbled streets and port wine

Lisbon, perhaps, is one of the most underrated cities in southern Europe, modestly huddling to the side of the splendid and varied cities of Spain, flying well under the radar of beach vacationers of the Mediterranean. In the meantime, the capital of Portugal has as many things to offer to a family tourist as to a sophisticated traveller: Lisbon has mild climate that is often much more comfortable in summer thanks to cool ocean breeze and the majestic Tejo river (Tagus in English and Tajo in Spanish), varied and rich museum collections, simple yet filling Portuguese cuisine, and, of course, Portuguese port wine.

Lisbon's most ancient neighbourhood, Alfama, and its hills will give you a workout like no other, but your reward will be the most charming tiled facades and picture-worthy colorful rundown houses that reflect the Portuguese national character of liking things exactly the way they are and have always been. The central neighbourhood Baixa Chiado with excellent restaurants, the green Avinguda Liberdade lined with expensive boutiques and brand stores, the bars of Bairro Alto, the ancient castle of Alfama – everything in Lisbon is waiting to be discovered on foot or aboard one of the historic trams that are the rightful symbols of the Portuguese capital.

And the best news of all: Lisbon is much more affordable than even its grand neighbour Spain. Quirky studios or luxurious apartments in Lisbon offered by Sweet Home Abroad can be found for the fraction of the cost within walking distance to sights that interest you the most. You will spend less on groceries and eat well in family-owned places even on the smallest budget. Shopping in Lisbon is high-class and public transit is efficient and clean. What's not to love?

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Find your apartment in Lisbon!
  • Please select the dates of your trip to Lisbon and click "Search" to find a suitable apartment.
  • If desired, you can limit your search results by selecting the type of accommodation and a maximum price. You can do it now or later.
  • When using the maximum price restriction, you should enter the desired nightly rate, not the total for your stay in Portugal.
  • To see the list of all apartments in Lisbon, leave all fields blank and click "Search". The trip dates can be selected later.
Advantages of apartment rentals in Lisbon
  • Even simple studios in Lisbon have a kitchen, a separate sleeping area and a bathroom. When you consider the amount of space you get, even luxury short-term vacation rentals in Lisbon are a bargain compared to hotels.
  • Group travel can be more expensive and not always comfortable due to lack of privacy for all involved. Lisbon has plenty of 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartments which will solve these problems with ease and maximize your savings since you pay per apartment, not per guest.
  • Portugal is one of the cheapest European countries to visit. Fresh seafood, high-quality meat, fruits and vegetables will allow you to save and enjoy freedom of eating and drinking when you want and the way you want it.
  • Book your apartment in Lisbon early and receive the best price available!
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