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Paris, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona are among the top-visited destinations in Europe. Beyond the Old World, New York City, Toronto and Whistler await shopping, dining and skiing enthusiasts, as well as businessmen and students. Quality accommodation is always in demand, and nowadays travellers have the freedom to choose not only hotels, but also apartment rentals.
Conveniently located and fully furnished, apartments of Sweet Home Abroad are excellently suited for short-term rentals and could be your next great vacation! All apartments are meant for travellers looking for comfort and independence regardless of their activities of interest. Beach lovers could opt for an apartment rental in Israel or rent a villa in Spain. Lovers of outdoor winter activities like skiing and snowboarding will find Whistler, located in Canada, a great destination: the co-host of Winter Olympic Games in 2010, Whistler is perfectly equipped to provide you with great skiing and riding trails, impeccable customer service and top-notch long-term accommodation. History and culture buffs will enjoy a great selection of accommodation we offer in Paris, Prague, Madrid, and, of course, Barcelona.
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Top 10 Places to Study on Vacation

Written by Katya R

Imagining a situation in which you would have an important assignment due date preceded by a vacation is not that big of a stretch these days. Students face term papers that are due right after reading week (a winter break). Working professionals have schedule workarounds that allow them to go on holiday, but cannot prevent trade certifications, presentations or mandatory testings from falling on the time right after their break.

Not going on that hard-earned vacation should not be an option, because you deserve it, but you also cannot afford not to do some work on it. So what is a busy person to do? Our list of top places to go if you need to study/work during your trip will provide you with suitable destination ideas. Read on!

#1 Beach in Barcelona

It's sunny, it's beautiful, the sea is right here, along with the rest of Barcelona's delights. Public beaches in Barcelona also have free Wi-Fi marked by a blue W sign, so you can get some work done while being outdoors and sunbathing.

Nova Icaria beach in Barcelona. Photo credit: Katya Ryabova

#2 Coffee shop in San Francisco

Startup culture craze mixed with the highest-quality caffeine available make San Fran an ideal place for working or studying in your own "coffice" (a fashionable combination of "coffee" and "office"). Coffee shops also offer a great environment for bouncing ideas off your neighbours and networking, as work- and business-hungry citizens of San Francisco are very open to that sort of thing.

Philz Coffee, the Mission, San Francisco. Photo source: insidescoopsf.sfgate.com

#3 Parc du Champs de Mars in Paris

This iconic park in the City of Love is not only ideal for romantic picnics, but also suited for tackling school or work assignments au plein air. The park offers free public Wi-Fi, green lawns to sit on and a view of the Eiffel Tower - what more could you ask for?

Parc du Champs de Mars, Paris. Photo source: cfa.harvard.edu

#4 Museum in New York City

Art majors, this one is for you. Make it a field trip while enjoying the Big Apple and get some inspiration from the world's finest artworks in the Metropolitan, the MOMA or the Guggenheim. NYC museums are not stingy in the Wi-Fi department either.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Photo credit: Katya Ryabova

#5 Hart House in Toronto

Hart House is one of the oldest buildings of the historic campus of University of Toronto, located in the Annex district. Here is a secret: this tiny model of Hogwarts is a student centre, but its doors are open to everyone. You can use its gorgeous small library as a quiet place to do your work or grab a coffee in the cafeteria or just hang out in the couryard. Wi-Fi access is sadly restricted to students, though, but hey - fewer distractions!

The Hart House courtyard, Toronto. Photo source: thevarsity.ca

#6 A village in Catalonia

If you need solitude and striking nature surroundings, and you happen to be in Catalonia, head to Priorat and make the tiny village of Siurana your home. There are only 32 people living in the village permanently; there is exactly one hotel and two restaurants there; not to mention that the village itself is located on a cliff, so you can't escape your study tasks!

Siurana, Catalonia. Photo credit: Alex Aribau

#7 A winery hotel in Argentina

You'd be surprised how motivating it can be to know you have a wine tasting and a dinner coming up to finish up your assignments before you get tipsy! You would need to be in a winery that also offers accommodation for that to work: do your stuff in the room and then head out into the Mendoza fields. Works especially great, if you are preparing for a Master Sommelier exam.

Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza, Argentina. Photo source: fivestaralliance.com

#8 A farm in New Zealand

If European cliff villages are not your style, and you really need to escape the world, no one would be able to find you in New Zealand. Farm stays are a great option for those who want nothing to do not only with Internet connection, but also mobile phone service. You could also write a few essays during the flight to the Kiwiland alone.

Blue Duck Station, Owhango, New Zealand. Photo credit: Katya Ryabova

#9 In the air

Use the flight time to your vacation destination to do your work. While not the most comfortable and not always quiet, the cruising altitude environment offers an unexpected clarity of thought and opportunity for unparalleled focus. Use it wisely (and get some sleep too).

View of Barcelona from a plane. Photo credit: Viktoria Fomina

#10 Anywhere, really

Rent an apartment with a terrace in your destination, put on your sunglasses and do some work while letting the unfamiliar world go by. Make your tasks a part of your vacation plan, and you will succeed at excelling and enjoying both!

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