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Apartment and villa rentals in Israel
Often guests heading to Israel require long term accommodation. In this case renting vacation apartments is much less expensive than staying in a hotel and paying premium prices for long term stays. For example, thanks to the availability of Haifa apartment rentals and accommodation, relatives of the patients of the famous Rambam Hospital in Haifa may accompany their loved ones to Israel for the duration of treatment. Many apartment rentals are available that are close both to the hospital and to the Mediterranean sea shore.
Even the most modest vacation apartment in Jerusalem and Haifa has more space than a standard hotel room: when choosing vacation apartments in Israel, you are opting for a much more comfortable and convenient living space. Luxury apartments in Jerusalem and villas in Caesarea offer even more comfort.
You do not have to alter your lifestyle and say no to your usual comforts. You can have tea and coffee anytime, have a snack when you feel like it, invite guests into your apartment and even have business meetings.
If you choose to rent a villa in Caesarea, Israel, the problem of neighbourhood noise will disappear on its own. You will not be bothered by maids in the morning or by noisy guests at night.
Travelling around the world? Sweet Home Abroad offers many more destinations across Europe, as well as North America.
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Medicine in Israel

Israel attracts visitors with its ancient pilgrimage sites in Jerusalem, with its mild climate in resort towns of the Mediterranean sea, with its unique environment of the Dead sea, but also by the high quality of medicine in Israel. On average, there are three practicing doctors per 1000 citizens, which is the highest ratio among all First World countries. Israel also leads the way in biotechnology and clinical research: over half of all the published scientific works in the country deal with different areas of medicine. Research results are successfully implemented into development of new pharmaceuticals, medical procedures and rehabilitation methods.

Israeli doctors' stellar reputation, financial feasibility of undergoing medical procedures in Israel, the newest technologies bring thousands of people from all over the world to the country annually: medical tourism in Israel is on the rise, providing a wide variety of patients with necessary care and bringing steady profits to the government, who in turn invest the money into further development of health care services.

Orthopedics/traumatology is one of the most advanced fields of expertise in Israel, sadly relating to the extensive history of military conflict and terrorism in the region. Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem is the leading private hospital in this field, as well as the one managing the busiest emergency room in the city. Shaare Zedek has the largest number of English-speaking international staff.

Medical center Rambam in Haifa has a designated Level I traumatology department, being awarded this honour in recognition of its facilities and equipment that are suited to deal with the largest variety of trauma in patients from all walks of life. Rambam also operates departments of cardiology, oncology, gynecology, neurosurgery and many others.

Cardiology patients are well-familiar with Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv, the largest private hospital in Israel and the recognized leader not only in cardiology research, but other fields of medicine as well. Over 17,000 operations are carried out here annually, including the most complex open heart surgeries, heart transplants and heart bypass surgeries. Assuta is one of the seven medical hospitals in Israel that was accredited by Joint Commission International, an independent organization that sets the standards of medical care worldwide. The largest government-funded hospital in Tel Aviv is Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, a leading academic, scientific and educational center of broad scope.

The smallest hospital of Israel is located in Eilat: its Yoseftal Medical Center is equipped with 65 beds, a decompression chamber for treatment of diving accidents, as well as kidney dialysis machines for usage by locals and vacationers alike.

Israel is a recognized leader in treatment of infertility and implementation of IVF (in vitro fertilization). The vast majority of clients undergoing the IVF procedure arrive from the United States, because the similar treatment back home costs them four times as much as in Israel, on average. Fertilization treatments are routinely carried out in the majority of Israeli clinics, but Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem is especially worth mentioning: in 2009, here opened an infertility clinic for HIV-positive patients and patients with AIDS, the first of its kind in Israel.

Of course, the unique resort of the Dead sea should not be forgotten, either: its mild climate with low concentration of UV radiation and various allergens, mild temperatures year-round, water and mud with high mineral content are successfully applied in therapy, treatment and management of many dermatological ailments (especially psoriasis) and respiratory diseases (for example, cystic fibrosis). Consequently, there are many sanatoriums and health resorts operating on the Dead sea shores.

With such wide variety of opportunities for treatment and health improvement it is crucial to find accommodation that will be suitable both for the patient and for his loved ones accompanying her to Israel. The advantages of apartment rentals in Israel are evident: convenient zoning will allow the patient to rest in comfort of a separate bedroom; a fully equipped kitchen will aid in following even the most restricting diet; a wide variety of apartments next to the best hospitals and clinics in Israel will provide opportunities for regular visits of family and friends during the hospitalization period, helping the smooth rehabilitation of the patient after any medical procedure. Renting an apartment in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa or Eilat may be an ideal money-saving alternative to inconvenient and expensive hotels for the time of your medical treatment in Israel.

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