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Apartment rentals in Israel
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Apartment and villa rentals in Israel
Often guests heading to Israel require long term accommodation. In this case renting vacation apartments is much less expensive than staying in a hotel and paying premium prices for long term stays. For example, thanks to the availability of Haifa apartment rentals and accommodation, relatives of the patients of the famous Rambam Hospital in Haifa may accompany their loved ones to Israel for the duration of treatment. Many apartment rentals are available that are close both to the hospital and to the Mediterranean sea shore.
Even the most modest vacation apartment in Jerusalem and Haifa has more space than a standard hotel room: when choosing vacation apartments in Israel, you are opting for a much more comfortable and convenient living space. Luxury apartments in Jerusalem and villas in Caesarea offer even more comfort.
You do not have to alter your lifestyle and say no to your usual comforts. You can have tea and coffee anytime, have a snack when you feel like it, invite guests into your apartment and even have business meetings.
If you choose to rent a villa in Caesarea, Israel, the problem of neighbourhood noise will disappear on its own. You will not be bothered by maids in the morning or by noisy guests at night.
Travelling around the world? Sweet Home Abroad offers many more destinations across Europe, as well as North America.
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How to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv

Due to the fact that Tel Aviv is an important economic and cultural centre of Israel and, at the same time, a buzzing beach destination, the city has enough visitors who are vacationing, studying or doing business there at any given period.

Of course, there are plenty of hotels in Tel Aviv, but hotel accommodation is far from being the cheapest option. This is why apartment rentals in Tel Aviv are increasingly in demand. It is always cheaper to rent an apartment, even if you are looking for a "five-star" experience - there are plenty of luxury condominiums and luxury villas in Israel. Renting one will save you money, when compared to a hotel room of the same class.

Should you decide to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv, it is highly recommended not to wait until the last moment before your trip. Israeli citizens like to take "staycations" without going abroad and without paying a fortune for accommodation, so inexpensive apartment rentals in Israel sell out very quickly.

Demand for apartment rentals is the highest in the following neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv: Ramat Aviv, Old Jaffa, as well as the neighbouring towns of Ramat Gan, Holon and Bat Yam. The most prestigious (and expensive) street in Tel Aviv is considered to be Sheinkin street.

Average prices for apartments for rent in Bat Yam and Holon in 2011 are as follows:
studio apartment – $65-80
1-bedroom apartment – $80-160
2-bedroom apartment – $120-190

If you are travelling to Tel Aviv for business or study purposes and need a place to live for an extended period, renting an apartment in Tel Aviv is your best bet for cheaper and much more comfortable accommodation. A hotel room that has a bed and little else is tolerable, if you spend your days sightseeing and barely have time to stay indoors. However, if you need space to work, hold meetings, have guests over, you are much better off spending a bit of time finding a short-term apartment rental for your stay in Tel Aviv.

To rent an apartment in Israel long-term - for 1 year or longer - may prove problematic, since in order to sign a rental contract you as a tenant are required to provide proof of your income and financial stability. This is how landlords attempt to safeguard their business from non-paying tenants whom they cannot easily evict. If you cannot provide required guarantees, you can always rent an apartment for a shorter period of time and then try to renew the contract once it expires.

Apartments and villas for rent (How to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv)
Tel Aviv Panorama - 150 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Romance - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Elegance - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Center - 55 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Prestige - 48 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Family - 100 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Coast - 120 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Lux 1 - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Lux - 50 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Penthouse - 270 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Classic - 110 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Gordon Beach 1 - 25 mВІ, studio
Sderot Yehudit St 1 - 60 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Tel Aviv Gordon Beach 2 - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
HaKerem Ground - 50 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Dizengoff 50 St - 45 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Dizengoff 26/06 St - 95 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Nehemia 18 - 60 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Sirkin 4 St - 75 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Frishman 33 - 85 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Dizengoff St 26/04 - 90 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Shlomo Hamelech 12 St - 85 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Sderot Yehudit St 2 - 90 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Israelis 13 St - 75 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Pinsker 54 St - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Ben Yehuda 110 - 45 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Ranak 15 St - 25 mВІ, studio
Frishman Tower - 95 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Ben Yehuda 84 - 25 mВІ, studio
Arnon 14 St. - 55 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Alenby 20 St. - 55 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Hakerem 3 St - 60 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Hakovshim 15/12 - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Alenby 20/09 St. - 55 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Mapu 13/09 St. - 70 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Simtat Ness Tsiyona 4a - 80 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Hei be-Iyar St. 2 - 85 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Yona HaNavi 19 St. - 90 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)

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