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Apartment and villa rentals in Israel
Often guests heading to Israel require long term accommodation. In this case renting vacation apartments is much less expensive than staying in a hotel and paying premium prices for long term stays. For example, thanks to the availability of Haifa apartment rentals and accommodation, relatives of the patients of the famous Rambam Hospital in Haifa may accompany their loved ones to Israel for the duration of treatment. Many apartment rentals are available that are close both to the hospital and to the Mediterranean sea shore.
Even the most modest vacation apartment in Jerusalem and Haifa has more space than a standard hotel room: when choosing vacation apartments in Israel, you are opting for a much more comfortable and convenient living space. Luxury apartments in Jerusalem and villas in Caesarea offer even more comfort.
You do not have to alter your lifestyle and say no to your usual comforts. You can have tea and coffee anytime, have a snack when you feel like it, invite guests into your apartment and even have business meetings.
If you choose to rent a villa in Caesarea, Israel, the problem of neighbourhood noise will disappear on its own. You will not be bothered by maids in the morning or by noisy guests at night.
Travelling around the world? Sweet Home Abroad offers many more destinations across Europe, as well as North America.
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Jerusalem, YerushalГЎyim, Al-Quds. The holy capital of the Kingdom of Judah, Palestine, Israel. Stepping on its stones, you step on history itself. Again and again this sun-scorched patch of land becomes central to the most important and conflicting events, cementing its role and its right to keep the hub of the universe in the Temple of Jerusalem.

A miniature model of our world, Jerusalem combines quarrelling and peaceful coexistence, zealous religiosity and devout consumerism, black-and-white Hasidic uniforms and colourfulness of Arabic bazaars. The city inhabitants refuse to become a homogeneous crowd - their clothes and headdresses can tell stories about their owners and their histories. Only tourists become an endless stream of fascinated gawkers exploring twisting stony streets of the Old City. But the first insignificant stop for souvenirs will require of them to self-identify, for the seller needs to know which religious articles to offer: a cross, a crucifix, a rosary, a Mezuzah, an Arabic writing tablet or some Dead Sea makeup?

Urgent political problems of the present made their mark on Jerusalem. Unlike other touristy holy lands, here the reality is ever-present and gritty. Serious young people armed with heavy submachine guns; noisy and lively Arabs driving taxis with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other; the very alert Mea Shearim district of busy men in long coats and hats, women in long skirts and wigs, cliques of serious children. Even the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Grief of Christ from the gates of Gethsemane to Golgotha, with its 14 stops in temples, chapels and just wall carvings, creates the sense of awe, despite the endless debates about the origins of Christianity.

No matter what the visitor to Jerusalem is looking for, no matter what he finds or fails to find, this is the city that cannot be forgotten. Sad ruins of the city of David. The aloof Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Stone boulders of the Wailing Wall. A stern silhouette of the Knesset. Precious and fragile gardens under the blinding southern sun. The Old City walls blushing in the glow of sunset...

Apartments and villas for rent (Jerusalem)
Old Town - 150 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Jerusalem Antique - 70 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Garden - 60 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
German Colony - 70 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Duplex - 150 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Elegance - 120 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Honeymoon - 68 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Ben Yehuda 1 - 20 mВІ, studio
Ben Yehuda 2 - 32 mВІ, studio
Ben Yehuda 3 - 55 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)

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