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Visa to Israel

If your main purpose for travel to Israel is tourism, then in all likelihood you do not require a visa to enter. Israel has signed visa waiver agreements with many states, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, countries of the EU, the majority...

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Apartment and villa rentals in Israel
Often guests heading to Israel require long term accommodation. In this case renting vacation apartments is much less expensive than staying in a hotel and paying premium prices for long term stays. For example, thanks to the availability of Haifa apartment rentals and accommodation, relatives of the patients of the famous Rambam Hospital in Haifa may accompany their loved ones to Israel for the duration of treatment. Many apartment rentals are available that are close both to the hospital and to the Mediterranean sea shore.
Even the most modest vacation apartment in Jerusalem and Haifa has more space than a standard hotel room: when choosing vacation apartments in Israel, you are opting for a much more comfortable and convenient living space. Luxury apartments in Jerusalem and villas in Caesarea offer even more comfort.
You do not have to alter your lifestyle and say no to your usual comforts. You can have tea and coffee anytime, have a snack when you feel like it, invite guests into your apartment and even have business meetings.
If you choose to rent a villa in Caesarea, Israel, the problem of neighbourhood noise will disappear on its own. You will not be bothered by maids in the morning or by noisy guests at night.
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Lodging type:
Max. price per night:

Apartments and villas for rent in Israel

Tel Aviv
Ben Yehuda 84
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
25 mВІ / studio / 2 guests
Tel Aviv
Ranak 15 St
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
25 mВІ / studio / 2 guests
30/17 Olei Zion St
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
45 mВІ / studio / 4 guests
Tel Aviv
Alenby 20 St.
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
55 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 4 guests
Jaffa Court - B3/208
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
60 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 4 guests
Tanhum 6
Nightly rental rates for 2 guests as low as
55 mВІ / 1 bedroom(s) / 4 guests

Total apartments or villas available: 85

Israel, the country of many treasures

Israel is a magnificent Middle Eastern country with rich history, culture and religious monuments, which is also blessed with a soft Mediterranean climate. Israel is not only a cultural and religious destination, but a great place for a beach vacation, a medical trip, or a sanatorium stay. Despite what mass media may lead you to believe, Israel is a generally safe place to go, especially if you are heading to the Mediterranean region – to Jerusalem, Haifa, Caesarea.

Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world and is of particular religious significance to Christians, Jews and Muslims. A political and cultural capital of Israel, Jerusalem attracts millions of pilgrims and cultural tourists annually thanks to its incredible number of shrines and sacred places.

Adepts of beach vacations should visit Haifa where the cleanest Mediterranean beaches are complemented by affordable apartment rentals. Haifa is also famous for Rambam Health Care Campus, one of the largest hospitals of Israel that offers highest quality treatments and the most advanced medical technologies.

South of Haifa, near the ancient Roman ruins of Caesarea Maritima, lies the newly developed town of Caesarea, whose main sights include the Ralli museum housing several works by Salvador DalГ­ and a golf course, the oldest in Israel. Caesarea is also famous for its luxury villas that are increasingly popular among tourists.

Israel attracts visitors to its sanatoriums on the shores of the Dead Sea – the saltiest body of water on Earth, whose waters and mineral-rich mud have healing and invigorating properties.

Advantages of vacation rentals in Israel
  • When choosing vacation apartments in Jerusalem or holiday villas in Caesarea, Israel, you get a conveniently and functionally organized living space, including several separate bedrooms, a living room, and a range of amenities.
  • If you are travelling with friends or family, renting a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment in Israel will cost you less than booking several hotel rooms. To rent a villa in Israel costs a little more, but villas accommodate much larger parties and create lifetime memories.
  • All apartment rentals in Israel come with fully equipped kitchens that will allow you to keep your habits, cook whatever you want, dine and drink whenever you want. Villas in Israel usually come with gardens and swimming pools.
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