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Paris, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona are among the top-visited destinations in Europe. Beyond the Old World, New York City, Toronto and Whistler await shopping, dining and skiing enthusiasts, as well as businessmen and students. Quality accommodation is always in demand, and nowadays travellers have the freedom to choose not only hotels, but also apartment rentals.
Conveniently located and fully furnished, apartments of Sweet Home Abroad are excellently suited for short-term rentals and could be your next great vacation! All apartments are meant for travellers looking for comfort and independence regardless of their activities of interest. Beach lovers could opt for an apartment rental in Israel or rent a villa in Spain. Lovers of outdoor winter activities like skiing and snowboarding will find Whistler, located in Canada, a great destination: the co-host of Winter Olympic Games in 2010, Whistler is perfectly equipped to provide you with great skiing and riding trails, impeccable customer service and top-notch long-term accommodation. History and culture buffs will enjoy a great selection of accommodation we offer in Paris, Prague, Madrid, and, of course, Barcelona.
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Castles, palaces, houses

OdГ©on Theatre

An ancient Roman theatre had been replaced by an aristocratic CondГ© mansion, and then by the OdГ©on Theatre built in 1778. Here, the famous play by Beaumarchais, "Le Mariage de Figaro", premiered in 1784. The stage had been graced by performances of Sarah Bernhardt and Jean-Louis Barrault.

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Conciergerie is one of the oldest castles of Paris, formerly a part of the first royal palace on the ГЋle de la CitГ©. One of towers with conical roofs had been crowned with the first ever Parisian clock, now over 600 years old and still functioning. Royal court was moved to Le Louvre after the Jacquerie, during which young Charles V Valois witnessed the murder of his two councillors by rebels in 1337. Conciergerie had been turned into a prison, whose famous prisoners included Marie Antoinette, poet AndrГ© ChГ©nier, Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre. Today it is a popular museum.

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Conciergerie, Paris
HГґtel de Sens

Located on the right bank of Seine, this charming Gothic mansion was built in the 15th century. It is famous for its royal tenant: King Henri IV's wife, Margaret of Valois, had lived here after her castle imprisonment. Today, the Forney library is housed here.

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City Hall

The fire site of an old Paris city hall had swiftly turned into a building site for the new city hall, after the old one had been burned by the Communards in the 19th century. The former Place de GrГЁve, today called the Place de l'HГґtel de Ville, supports the giant l'HГґtel de Ville mansion, where the mayor of Paris resides. The structure is decorated with statues of prominent townspeople. In front of the city hall, a monument to the rebel Etienne Marcel, who was executed by a mob in 1358, stands right on the bank of Seine.

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Luxembourg Palace

The palace was built in the 17th century for Marie de' Medici and attempted to convey the ambience of her former palace in Florence, but thankfully failed to be a copycat. The Luxembourg palace shone for its own beauty and romance of its truly French luscious garden (Jardin du Luxembourg), celebrated by the most prominent poets of France. The center of the garden is surrounded by statues of French queens, and somewhere in its depths stands a monument to Delacroix. The Medici fountain with golden fish deserves a few minutes of attention; even on the hottest days it provides coolness and shade for visitors. Today, the Senate sits in session in the Luxembourg palace.

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Luxembourg Palace, Paris

The palace had been built specifically for Cardinal Richelieu and aptly named the Cardinal Palace. It was here that Alexandre Dumas led his beloved character D'Artagnan to meet Richelieu. Cardinal left the palace to Kind Louis XIII in his will, so Palais Royal passed onto king's widow Anne of Austria. The palace had been mainly used for receiving guests of the highest standing: for example, Peter the Great had been a guest here; he entertained the toddler King Louis XV during his visit and subsequently considered marrying his daughter Elisabeth into the French royal family.

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Les Invalides

This grand structure dating back to King Louis XIV's times had been planned as refuge for war veterans. The golden dome of the main cathedral, the soldiers' chapel and the square of four-storey buildings are so majestic and beautiful, that it is easy to imagine the astonishment of Napoleon Bonaparte, when he laid eyes on Les Invalides for the first time. The audacious emperor is buried here himself.

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La Bastille

A stronghold, built in the 14 century and surrounded by moats, had been turned into a fearsome prison for all people and all crimes. The day of its destruction (July 14th, 1789) is the most celebrated holiday in France. Currently, the square is still called Place de la Bastille, and the outlines of the Bastille walls are still marked on it. The centre of the square is occupied by the July Column, under which the Parisians who perished in the revolution of 1830 and 1848 are buried. In the 1989, the OpГ©ra Bastille was built on the square.

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Palais Garnier

The old National Opera fell into disgrace after a failed assassination attempt against the emperor Napoleon III. The square in front of it had been cleared by the Haussmann's urban reorganization project in preparation for construction of the new opera. An open contest had been held, and the winner among the 171 applicants had been the most exuberant project of all, belonging to the young architect Charles Garnier. The opening took place in 1875. Chaliapin, Nijinsky, Nureyev performed here. The ceilings have been painted by Marc Chagall.

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