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Apartments for rent in Europe
Paris, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona are among the top-visited destinations in Europe. Beyond the Old World, New York City, Toronto and Whistler await shopping, dining and skiing enthusiasts, as well as businessmen and students. Quality accommodation is always in demand, and nowadays travellers have the freedom to choose not only hotels, but also apartment rentals.
Conveniently located and fully furnished, apartments of Sweet Home Abroad are excellently suited for short-term rentals and could be your next great vacation! All apartments are meant for travellers looking for comfort and independence regardless of their activities of interest. Beach lovers could opt for an apartment rental in Israel or rent a villa in Spain. Lovers of outdoor winter activities like skiing and snowboarding will find Whistler, located in Canada, a great destination: the co-host of Winter Olympic Games in 2010, Whistler is perfectly equipped to provide you with great skiing and riding trails, impeccable customer service and top-notch long-term accommodation. History and culture buffs will enjoy a great selection of accommodation we offer in Paris, Prague, Madrid, and, of course, Barcelona.
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Hiking trails in Catalonia

GR routes in Catalonia 

Long-distance hiking network ItinerГ nnia

The network of hiking routes and roads ItinerГ nnia is supported by the administration of three municipalities in the province of Girona: RupollГЁs, Garrotxa and Alt EmpordГ . The length of all roads in the network combined totals 2500 kilometres.

The ItinerГ nnia network is engineered in such a way that, if leaving from spot A anywhere in the network, you can safely reach a spot B. The ItinerГ nnia maps have cultural sights, monuments, natural and historical attractions, various tourist services (accommodation, restaurants, cafes). The maps for each of the three municipalities can be purchased separately in tourist offices, libraries, sports stores, gas stations.

ItinerГ nnia signage system
A hiker/cyclist on an ItinerГ nnia road may encounter the following signs:

  • A yellow sign painted on a tree, a boulder or some other natural surface indicates the direction of travel.
  • A yellow arrow with a red end, fixed onto a post, contains the names of four closest towns or villages, sorted by distance from shortest to longest, with an average hiking time to reach them indicated as well. Additionally, the post in question has a yellow board with the name of the area and the longitude, latitude and height above sea level.
  • Information boards installed in towns and villages contain maps of the ItinerГ nnia roads for the whole region, a detailed map of the area within the 9 km radius and important phone numbers.
  • A yellow arrow with a green end on a post or a pole indicates a circular route around a town or village.

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Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

The volcanic zone of Garrocha (Garrotxa) is found in the eastern Pyrenees, in the district La Garrocha (the administrative center of the district is Olot) in the province of Girona. This volcanic zone has been under the government's protection since 1982, and in 1985 it was declared a natural park.

The territory of the Garrocha park occupies over 12.000 hectares, on which almost 40 extinct volcanoes and 20 spots of solidified basalt lava are scattered. Volcanic cones there are 10 to 60 meters tall and pack 300-500 meters in diameter. The largest Garrotxa volcano, incidentally, also the largest volcano in the Pyrenees, is Croscat, which is 160 meters tall. Croscat is also the youngest, whose last eruption occurred 11 thousand years ago. Another famous volcano of the Garrocha zone is Santa Margarita, in whose crater stands a namesake Romanesque church.

Garrocha has over 1100 types of plants; 65% of the area is covered by oak, beech and alder forests. The beech forest Fageda d'en JordГ  quite literally stands out above the rest: it is located 550 meters above the sea level. Garrocha's fauna includes 49 types of mammals, 192 species of birds, 13 different amphibians, 18 types of reptiles, 9 species of fish and countless invertebrates.

One of the VГ­as Verdes cycling/hiking routes between Olot and Girona, VГ­a verde del Carrilet I, runs through the Garrocha volcanic zone.

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Natural park of Montseny

Montseny is is nature park, occupying three districts of the provinces of Barcelona and Girona: Osona, VallГ©s Oriental and La Selva. The park boasts over 30 thousand hectares of land. Thanks to its biological variety and undisturbed ecosystems, Montseny was added to the UNESCO biosphere reserves network in 1978. In the central area of the park almost any activity, except for educational and research, is unauthorized.

There are several mountaintops that form the core of the park: Turó de l'Home (1706 m), les Agudes (1703 m), Matagalls (1697 m) and a gently sloping Puig Drau. Passes include Sant Marçal and Coll Formic, as well as the upper basin of the river Tordera.

Tourist information centres in the villages and towns of Montseny:
Montseny, Fogars de MontclГєs, Sant Esteve De Palautordera, Santa Fe del Montseny.

Camping grounds in Montseny: Can Cervera, les Illes, les Piscines.

Restaurants: Can Barrina, Can Besa, Sant Bernat.

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Hiking trails near Lake Banyoles

Around the lake
Length: 8 km
Duration: 1,5-2 hours
Difficulty: low
Route description: download

The forest of Las Estunes on the southside of the lake
Length: 4 km
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: low
Route description: download

Can Morgat Lagoon on the westside of the lake
Length: 7 km
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Route description: download

The historic centre of Banyolas
Length: 1,6 km
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: low
Route description: download

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