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Vacation apartments in Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the largest tourist destinations not only in Europe, but in the world. For a comfortable alternative to hotels, consider choosing short-term apartment rentals in Barcelona that constitute a successful and secure market in Europe.
Rental apartments in Barcelona cost less than hotel rooms of comparable sizes, and yet offer you a real home where you would love to come back after a day out in Barcelona.
You get all the advantages of independent living and working in a rental apartment: you may choose to cook in a fully-equipped kitchen, you may entertain guests in the living room, you have the privacy of your own bedroom. Would you have all that in a hotel? More and more travellers prefer to rent an apartment in Barcelona for these reasons.
If you frequently travel with family or friends, you know how difficult it may be to book adjacent spacious rooms in a hotel. 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartments in Barcelona are easy to find. What is more, you pay per apartment, not per guest, which allows you to cut rental costs considerably, and spend quality time together.
Barcelona is a city you would not want to leave and where you would love to come back, but if you are set on more exploring, we also offer apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America!
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Before 1897, the year of the amalgamation of surrounding towns into Barcelona, Barcelona proper was what now is the district of Ciutat Vella - a relatively small part of land that was very densely occupied. Even before the mid-19th century it was clear that Barcelona needed to be expanded to accommodate the growing population. It was decided that a new district north of the city limits will be built, that would stretch as far as the town of Gràcia. The project was aptly named Eixample, or Ensanche, which meant "Extension".

The project for the new area was created by Idefons Cerdà, who stressed the importance of wide passages, natural light in buildings, sunlight, presence of greenery in urban planning. Initially, the Cerdà plan had not only the trademark street grid with wide intersections, but also gardens at every corner and a specified maximum building height, both of which were regrettably dropped by the municipality when adopting the plan. Eixample, however, was a groundbreaking urban project nonetheless, created with pedestrians and public transport (in the 19th century!) in mind, with good sewer system and an easy to navigate street plan.

Eixample has been inhabited by the upper class from the get-go, despite Cerdà's desire to make the district a mix of all incomes. The area received a remarkable amount of attention from the Modernists thanks to the fact that their wealthy patrons lived here. Antoni Gaudí's famous houses, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, are found in Eixample along with numerous works by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Enric Sagnier.

Eixample is divided onto five administrative districts: L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample (The Old Left Eixample), La Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample (The New Left Eixample), La Dreta de L'Eixample (The Right Eixample), Fort Pienc, La Sagrada Família, and Sant Antoni, occupying in total over 7 sq. km of space. Eixample remains popular and expensive to this day, not only due to the Modernist aspect of the area, but also due to its proximity to the centre of Barcelona as well as to Gràcia, to its many excellent restaurants and the upscale shopping on Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya.

Apartments and villas for rent (Eixample)
Provenza - 50 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Ausias Marc - 60 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Casa Batllo OTA - 63 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Casanova - 90 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Family - 110 m², 4 bedroom(s)
Loft - 45 m², studio
Muntaner - 90 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Passeig de Gracia - 68 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Pau Claris 3 - 90 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Pau Claris 4 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Pl. Universitat - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya - 90 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya 2 - 60 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Sagrada Familia 1 - 75 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Sagrada Familia 2 - 75 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Urquinaona - 50 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 2 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 5 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 4 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 1 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 3 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Valencia - 90 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 8 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 6 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 9 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Villarroel 10 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Penthouse - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Gershwin - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Napoles I - 80 m², studio
Avenue Duplex II - 110 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence 6B - 30 m², studio
Super Balmes II - 120 m², 5 bedroom(s)
Napoles II - 80 m², studio
Avenue VI - 50 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Lorca - 35 m², studio
Calabria I - 40 m², studio
Poe - 40 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Calypso - 40 m², studio
Elena 1 - 100 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Luminor - 30 m², studio
Rembrandt III - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Strauss - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Sagrada Familia - 48 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Rambla Deluxe A - 130 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Rambla Deluxe B - 90 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Rambla Deluxe C - 130 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Lauria Classic - 70 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Lauria Suites - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Lauria Gallery - 140 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Lauria Veranda - 140 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Lauria Cosy - 75 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya Residence 4 - 71 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Villarroel Residence 7 - 65 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Sagrada Familia 3 - 120 m², 3 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya Residence 3 - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya Residence 2 - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya Residence 5 - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Mallorca 6 - 70 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Rambla Catalunya Residence 6 - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence Pral 1 - 70 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence 1A - 70 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence 4 - 120 m², 4 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence 6C - 70 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Diagonal Residence 1B - 50 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Balmes 3 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Balmes 1 - 55 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Balmes 4 - 90 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Balmes 2 - 90 m², 2 bedroom(s)
Manso Studio - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Gran Via - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)
Antiquario B - 40 m², studio
Ronda A - 45 m², 1 bedroom(s)

Eixample, Barcelona Carrer Enric Granados in Eixample, Barcelona
La Pedrera in Eixample, Barcelona Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes in Eixample, Barcelona
A typical bar in Eixample, Barcelona An inner yard in Eixample, Barcelona
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