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Vacation apartments in Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the largest tourist destinations not only in Europe, but in the world. For a comfortable alternative to hotels, consider choosing short-term apartment rentals in Barcelona that constitute a successful and secure market in Europe.
Rental apartments in Barcelona cost less than hotel rooms of comparable sizes, and yet offer you a real home where you would love to come back after a day out in Barcelona.
You get all the advantages of independent living and working in a rental apartment: you may choose to cook in a fully-equipped kitchen, you may entertain guests in the living room, you have the privacy of your own bedroom. Would you have all that in a hotel? More and more travellers prefer to rent an apartment in Barcelona for these reasons.
If you frequently travel with family or friends, you know how difficult it may be to book adjacent spacious rooms in a hotel. 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartments in Barcelona are easy to find. What is more, you pay per apartment, not per guest, which allows you to cut rental costs considerably, and spend quality time together.
Barcelona is a city you would not want to leave and where you would love to come back, but if you are set on more exploring, we also offer apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America!
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Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona is a fashion brand created in Barcelona in the 1980s by Custo and David Dalmau, two designers and brothers, who, in their own words, "decided to replace paper with a shirt". Custo Barcelona was able to enter the most important fashion market - that in the United States - in 1997, when the brand was invited to participate in New York Fashion Week. However, the first Custo shop to open anywhere in the world opened only in 2001. The boutique was and still is located in Barcelona, in one of its most fashionable neighbourhoods - El Born. After that, the international growth continued into Los Angeles, where Hollywood stylists contributed to the brand's popularity by shopping at the Custo store for the movie stars they dressed.

Many shoppers notice similarities between Custo Barcelona and Desigual, and while it is true that both brands rely heavily on bright graphics, mixture of colours and fabrics, the two brands are quite distinct. Custo Barcelona puts more emphasis on quality of seamwork, is not afraid to use expensive materials, and relies heavily on its reputation of an exclusive brand that is practically hand-produced. Consequently, Custo Barcelona is much less affordable than Desigual and continues to attract a more affluent and funky crowd.

Custo Barcelona stores in Barcelona:

Barcelona Ollas
Plaça de las Olles, 7, 08003 Barcelona
Tel. 932 687 893

Barcelona Ferran
C/Ferran, 36, 08002 Barcelona
Tel. 933 426 698

Barcelona La Rambla I
C/La Rambla, 109, 08002 Barcelona
Tel. 934 813 930

Barcelona La Rambla II
C/La Rambla, 120, 08002 Barcelona
Tel. 933 014 495

Barcelona CC La Illa
CC L´Illa Diagonal Avda Diagonal, 557 - Planta baja Local 2.44a/2.44b, 08029 Barcelona
Tel. 933 222 662

El Corte Inglés Barcelona Diagonal
Avda. Diagonal, 617, 08028 Barcelona

Barcelona - Maquinista
Paseo de Potosí, nº3 Local 63, 08030 Barcelona
Tel. 933 609 917

Custo Barcelona outlets in Barcelona:

Barcelona Plaza del Pi
Plaça del Pi, 2, 08002 Barcelona
Tel. 933 042 753

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