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The Balearic islands apartments, villas
Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza offer a perfect combination of sunny beaches, warm sea, great nightlife, beautiful landscapes and charming old towns. Every visitor gets this bare minimum absolutely free, and complimenting your vacation with great accommodation is a first step to lifelong memories. Independent travellers may look into renting independent accommodation that suits their dynamic needs, and pay less than they would for a standard hotel room. Before following the beaten path in accommodation choice, consider apartment and villa rentals (for example, renting a villa on Mallorca is one of the most popular accommodation options).
When renting an apartment in Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza, you pay much less per square meter of space, while getting a much better organized and zoned living space. Apartment rentals in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza will allow you to feel at home yet have the amazing resort atmosphere of beaches, sun, and great entertainment within easy reach.
If you are travelling as a group, a villa rental on the Balearic Islands is the most optimal choice for your vacation. Villas in Spain offer everything necessary to have fun: a lot of living space, many bathrooms and bedrooms, most often a garden and a swimming pool - and all of it in complete privacy.
You may also rent a villa in Spain for beach vacations in Costa Brava and Costa Daurada resorts or go for a beach apartment in Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges.
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Archaeological monuments

Talaiots & taulas

A megalith is a stone structure made out of big boulders that are connected without use of cement or lime water. Megaliths of Menorca date back to the 2nd millennium B.C.

Taula is a T-shaped megalith that consists of an upright stone column and a flat-shaped boulder on top of it. Taulas serve exclusively ritualistic purposes.

Talayots are towers composed of big boulders, and can be loosely attributed to the category of megaliths, if the method of joining them together is taken into account. However, today talayots are not considered megalithic structures.

Both the shape and spatial orientation of talayots point to their defence and observation functions. The origin of the word itself, "talayot", traces back to "talaya", which is a free-standing military observation tower. Talayots may not have space inside; in a group of talayots only the highest tower usually has a room, which has a small window.

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Archaeologists estimate that a settlement called TrepucГі was founded in 1400 BC and abandoned in the 2nd century BC after Romans came to Menorca. TrepucГі is the largest of all ancient settlements on Menorca, occupying the total area of more than 5 000 square meters.

The settlement has four towers, out of which the central one is best-preserved. It has several annexes that served mostly civilian purposes and allowed the inhabitants of TrepucГі to access the tower with no delay at any time.

Despite the massive interest of visitors of Menorca that surrounds the TrepucГі talayots, the main sight of this ancient place is its famous TrepucГі taula.

TrepucГі is located several kilometres away from MaГі in the direction of Sant LluГ­s. TrepucГі is free to visit and is open year-round.

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TalatГ­ de Dalt

A settlement called TalatГ­ de Dalt could not have appeared on Menorca later than the year 2500 BC, according to archaeology enthusiasts of the Balearic Islands. Just like many similar colonies, TalatГ­ de Dalt met its decline after the arrival of Romans in the 2nd century BC, but continuous excavations show that life hadn't stopped here until the 13th century AD.

The main sight of this ancient place is a taula used by TalatГ­ de Dalt residents for sacrifice. Archaeologists also discovered numerous artificial caves and pillar-supported (hipostile) chambers, whose true purpose remains a mystery.

TalatГ­ de Dalt is located 4 kilometres away from MaГі in the direction of Ciutadella.

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