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The Balearic islands apartments, villas
Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza offer a perfect combination of sunny beaches, warm sea, great nightlife, beautiful landscapes and charming old towns. Every visitor gets this bare minimum absolutely free, and complimenting your vacation with great accommodation is a first step to lifelong memories. Independent travellers may look into renting independent accommodation that suits their dynamic needs, and pay less than they would for a standard hotel room. Before following the beaten path in accommodation choice, consider apartment and villa rentals (for example, renting a villa on Mallorca is one of the most popular accommodation options).
When renting an apartment in Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza, you pay much less per square meter of space, while getting a much better organized and zoned living space. Apartment rentals in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza will allow you to feel at home yet have the amazing resort atmosphere of beaches, sun, and great entertainment within easy reach.
If you are travelling as a group, a villa rental on the Balearic Islands is the most optimal choice for your vacation. Villas in Spain offer everything necessary to have fun: a lot of living space, many bathrooms and bedrooms, most often a garden and a swimming pool - and all of it in complete privacy.
You may also rent a villa in Spain for beach vacations in Costa Brava and Costa Daurada resorts or go for a beach apartment in Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges.
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1. How do I book the apartment?

You can reserve your apartment online, just like any hotel room, using a valid credit card. In the vast majority of cases, you only need to pay a 25% deposit to secure the booking. The rest of the cost of accommodation is payable upon your arrival to the apartment, most often in cash. The amount of the prepayment, a security deposit requirement, and alternative ways to pay differ.

2. Why am I being redirected to another page to complete the booking?

Sweet Home Abroad does not manage the properties we list on the website, so we have to send you directly to our partners' pages to complete your booking. No extra fees or commission charged! Rest assured that we work closely only with the best and most trustworthy touristic apartment providers, including Friendly Rentals, Apartments Apart, Holiday Velvet, I-Spain Villas. We are happy to answer all your questions before and after you book.

3. Why shouldn't I book an apartment with your partners directly?

Of course you can! But you lose nothing by booking through Sweet Home Abroad. We do not charge you extra fees for booking through us – our prices match our partners' prices, but we do offer all the extra assistance both before and after your book. Think of us as an extra number to call for help, questions, directions, anything related to your trip. Should you decide to book with our partners directly, we won't have access to general details of your booking (like apartment ID, contact phone numbers) and we won't be able to help you.

4. Pick up the phone!

First of all, if we missed your call, sorry about that! Our consultants are spread out across the world and across many time-zones; we are all avid travellers, so sometimes we are on a plane, at an airport or somewhere remote with no reception (always busy researching new destinations!). Please send us an email, get in touch over Skype, or hit us up on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. We will always get back to you! With some prior notice we are also happy to organize a call or a Skype chat at the time that is most convenient for you.

5. So again, why should I rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel?

It is a matter of preference, really. However, a standard double room in a hotel is typically furnished with a double bed, a desk, a chair and little else. It is not too convenient for socializing, inviting guests and working. It does not usually have amenities to make tea of coffee, let alone cook a meal. On the other hand, a rental apartment has a full kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom, making it easy to entertain guests or organize the space to suit your various needs, from caring for small children to holding business meetings.

6. Is it cheaper?

Sometimes, but usually apartment prices are comparable to those of hotels, especially in busy tourist destinations. However, you get so much more with an apartment! It is a win in most cases.

7. How will I get the keys to the rental apartment I booked?

There are two ways of receiving keys upon your arrival: in the apartment or at the office of the local management company. The former option requires that you go directly to the address indicated in your booking confirmation, where you will be met by the owner or the manager. She will give you a tour of the property, accept the rest of the payment for accommodation and the security deposit, give you several sets of keys and agree on the departure time with you. When you are checking out, the owner will return the security deposit and take back the keys.

In major cities and tourist destinations, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Rome apartment rental companies have offices, where they meet their guests and accept payments by credit card, as well as by cash. The address of the local office will be indicated on your booking confirmation along with the apartment address. The office staff will explain how to get to the apartment, provide you with a map if necessary, accept payment and give you the keys, as well as answer any questions you may have about the apartment and the destination itself.

8. What happens at the end of my stay?

When you are ready to check out, you will need to see the manager who met you at the apartment to give her back the keys and receive the security deposit, if applicable. If you picked up the keys at the office, on the morning of your departure just leave them on the table, make sure that all of your belongings are with you, and just close the door behind you. It will lock automatically, allowing the cleaners and managers to pick up the keys later. You do not have to leave at any specific hour, but you do have to check out before the time specified on the booking confirmation (usually 10-11 am).

9. Do the office staff speak English?

Of course! Without exception, all personnel in charge of meeting customers speak good English, as well as the language of the country of destination. This is an added bonus of using a reputable agency for renting an apartment in Europe.

10. What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is a mandatory requirement of renting almost any apartment in the world. It varies from 100 to 1000 euros depending on the property type. Its main goal is to protect the owner from financial risks associated with renting an apartment to a group of people the owner had never met. The security deposit is refunded to you prior to departure, if it had been paid in cash, or credited back to your credit card.

11. In what situations the security deposit may not be returned to me?

A partial or a full charge of the security deposit takes place only in the most extreme cases of neglect or ruin of the rental apartment. If furniture or appliances are missing; if noise complaints had been filed with the police, resulting in fines; if keys are missing, then the deposit may not be returned. Situations like that are extremely rare. If during your stay anything breaks, stops functioning properly or safely, please contact the owner, and he/she will resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

12. I have another question!

Please get in touch with us!

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